To store & protect.

  • Is your digital media storage unreliable, expensive, or unsafe?

  • Do you need immediate and secure access to all your assets?

  • Are you still spending resources to ingest your materials?

  • Have you eliminated any possible cases of data loss?

KDMS Cinestash offers highly redundant, protected, and reliable storage in enterprise-grade data centers around the world with unbeatable cost-efficiency. Uploads to your Cinestash Storage can be done for free, easily by anyone in your company or your suppliers.


KDMS Cinestash offers you easy and reliable access to your material worldwide and significantly improves your storage management. Upload your files, provide access authorization for all hands-on departments and benefit from an all-in-one interface. If you don’t have the required internet bandwidth or a lot of data to ingest, we can also upload the data for you. Prepare and encrypt your files with the KDMS Cinestash application and send the hard disks to us. We usually will be able to upload your data within a short time, no matter how much data you send us.


Your data is stored in enterprise-grade data centers around the world. All assets you upload and store in KDMS Cinestash are AES encrypted with a unique, random 256-bit end-to-end encryption key. No one can access the content without a valid access key. They are protected against data loss, modification, and unauthorized access. We optionally offer geo-redundancy to protect your data against natural disasters.


The above-mentioned essential features to keep your data secure but accessible at all times have been optimized in our services for their maximum savings potential. Cinestash invoices give you the ability to outsource and allocate costs incurred, which can generally reduce your license fees. Streamlining your workflows allows you to invest significant amounts of manpower in other areas. Without the need for a complex implementation in your company and vendor lock-in, you can immediately test our services in your company without any obligations. We offer different pricing models to suit your business.

A short introduction to our storage user interface in the
Cinestash Client

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