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The game-changer for your deliveries.

  • Would you like to handle delivery costs more flexibly?

  • Are you interested in reallocating delivery background costs?

  • Care about simple material orders for you and your customers?

  • Spending too much time confirming payment before delivery?

The Cinestash Shop offers your customers a digital overview of your available content in an online shop. Here they can order their desired materials with just a few clicks. That gives you the power to further streamline your deliveries with many benefits added.

Cinestash Client
Create digital catalogs:

KDMS Cinestash Shop gives you the possibility to easily create any number of online shops for your movies or projects in your Cinestash. Shops can be created directly in the Cinestash Client - with just a few clicks. The shop itself is hosted by KDMS, so you don't need any technical background or staff to create or maintain it. Access to the shop is protected with a login system so that only selected customers will receive your offered projects at the corresponding conditions. Of course, anyone you delete from your access list, will also no longer have access to the shop.

Shop usage examples:
  • Create a dedicated shop for every movie in stock: This way you can offer your customers easy access to all your materials. Your customers will then pick the material they need and can order them directly in the shop. The delivery automatically starts as soon as the delivery got paid.
  • Create a shop with all your festival DCPs: By presenting all your DCPs in one shop, festival organizers can choose movies for their screenings, as they see fit. Again, materials will only be delivered when the payment got cleared.
  • Create shops with special prices: Additionally, you could create further shops with similar content, but a different price structure, to cover expenses in other areas.
Full price control:

You can either offer the items in the store for free or cover your full delivery costs, e.g. uploading a DCP to your client's server or downloading your media assets from our servers. This way you can pass the delivery costs directly to your customers. You can even add surcharges to cover other expenses like your expenditure for digital storage or file conversion. We will then refund the surcharges to you in your monthly KDMS invoices.

Automatic Delivery:

As soon as the items are paid, we automatically start the delivery to your customers and take care of everything else from here on. This way we handle common problems like invoices only partially paid, value-added tax calculation, and currency conversions and you don't have to deal with them anymore. You only need to create the shop -- we’re taking care of all the boring stuff from thereon.

Online Payments:

As in most other online shops, we offer all common payment methods such as credit cards or bank transfers to make the payment itself as easy and secure as possible.

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