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More cost-effective than ever! Direct download for owners. Free KDM generation for DCPs.
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Cinestash is a one-stop solution for world sales companies, distributors, and producers in the film industry to store, convert and deliver content. We offer a simple and secure storage solution that is easy to use and adds many benefits to your delivery workflow.


A short introduction to Cinestash

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

All our tools have been built with the end-user in mind. Everybody will be able to use them intuitively, and without the need for special training. Your material delivery experts will save time to work on more creative tasks.

Save Time and Cost

Save Time and Costs

By holding your assets in multiple data centers around the world, we can significantly reduce the time and costs for storage maintenance and delivery. You can convert most audio and video formats with a single click from your stored content.

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