Who We Are

About Us

KDMS-GmbH was founded by the team of SupraMotion, a DVD and Blu-ray authoring company established in 2002. After several years of research, development, and testing, we have created a new toolset for the film industry, which allows instant and secure access to media files via the internet and classic shipping.

We stand for sustainability!

Our service aims to save resources needed for hardware and, to minimize CO2 emissions caused by worldwide shipping within the film industry.

By using our service, hard drives and other storage media have become largely obsolete for our customers. Professional data centers are using their resources much more efficiently than a small or medium-sized company can. This not only minimizes the mining of valuable raw materials, but also the energy required for production and, of course, vast amounts of packaging waste. Digital transfer requires neither airplanes nor cars. Should it still be necessary to ship hard disks in individual cases, we attach importance to delivery service providers with confirmed CO2 compensation.

To ensure sustainability in our company, we specifically seek out partners who share the same values and have developed or already implemented corresponding concepts. For example, our main data center belongs to Microsoft, which has set itself the goal of being climate-neutral by 2030 and offsetting all emissions it has caused since its founding by 2050.

We stand for equality!

We want a balanced gender ratio and employees of different nationalities in our company.

A respectful working relationship without conscious or unconscious gender- or origin-specific prejudices is of high priority in our daily work structure. Home-office is possible to a large extent. This enables us to achieve a fair work-life balance. The different life situations, needs and opportunities of all people without stereotypical bias are recognized to a high degree.

An essential way to achieve these goals is a fair and unbiased hiring process for new employees. In addition, our employees are equal in their rights, duties and opportunities and are supported in their professional development.

The following guidelines form the basis of our work:

The Federal Equal Opportunities Act (BGleiG, as of 23.12.2016), the aim of which is:

  • to realize equality between women and men,
  • to eliminate existing disadvantages based on gender and to prevent future disadvantages, and
  • to improve family-friendliness and the compatibility of family, care, and work for women and men.

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