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Our latest changes

Here's what we've been working on in the past months:

Address book

Basic Storage Pricelist


From now you will find our Basic Storage price list under Pricing! Our most cost-effective cloud storage solution, yet with high availability and rock-solid security. Recommended for small to medium businesses. And to get you started, we offer 1TB of free storage combined with a pay-as-you-go plan. Check this out!


Cinestash Shop


We are introducing our new Shop feature. The game-changer for your deliveries!
With just a few clicks you can create directly in your Cinestash Client as many digital catalogs as you want to! By sending an invitation link (log-in information) to your customers, each customer will have access to the exact store you created for them.
For your customers the shop will then appear as a nicely designed website, but hosted by KDMS, so you don't need any technical background or staff to create or maintain it. Offering licenses and their assets through the store offers you a lot of time savings and a unique opportunity to redistribute costs - just have a look into our Shop Solution!

Address book

DCP KDM Delivery


We now offer the most convenient and easy solution for delivering the (D)KDMs of your DCPs, at no extra cost.
All you need to do is upload the valid DKDM and the certificate of the screening location and your customer will receive their KDMs within 24h.
Watch the video in Cinestashs Delivery Solution!


Subscription-based models


We now support to reserving a fixed amount of storage capacity for your Cinestash. This can highly reduce your resource costs.
Cinestash offers two different subscription models to maximize your profit margins. Not only the storage gets cheaper, but also the download cost will be reduced significantly.
Batch conversions and batch uploads are heavily discounted in the subscription-based models!
Please have a look at our pricing page to see all the benefits here.
To change from the Pay-as-you-go service to a subscription model just send your contact at KDMS an email or call us. New customers can order a subscription-based Cinestash in their onboarding phase.

Address book

Address book


Many customers have asked for it, and finally, it's here: The Cinestash address book! Just start typing in any recipient filed in the Cinestash Client - the software will automatically search for any recipients you have send any materials to. If the recipient is known, all the remaining fields in the mask will be filled by the address book.
The address book extension allows you to have as many customers as you want to keep organized and is a free update to your Cinestash. Just request a client update from your contact at KDMS.

Batch upload

Batch upload


The new batch upload completes the Folder / Batch conversion process:
Uploading lots of files to your Cinestash or a large delivery to your clients has become super easy and convenient.
It's a great solution for your business if you have to ingest or output lots of data.

Batch conversion

Batch conversion


The new and free Cinestash update gives you a powerful tool to mass convert your media files. Until now you had to convert one media file after another to your client's specifications. This is now a matter of a few mouse clicks to transform 6 seasons with 100th of episodes of a series into a new format!
The batch conversion feature complements the folder structure from the last update because now you can create new masters from a whole folder.
The user interface is clean and clear, you can convert your batch video and audio easily and quickly.
This update is free for all our customers. Just drop your KDMS contact a line to get the new Cinestash Client.


Organize your Cinestash


To improve your data organization in your Cinestash we have added a new folder feature.
As you know the first item in the overview is the [All Projects] folder, which contains exactly that: All of your projects. You can create as many (sub-)folders in the project directories as you want, and move the archives between them. In no time at all, you will develop your folder structure that not only organizes your files superbly but also keeps your archives within reach.
This type of project folder structure makes it easy for anyone to quickly find what they need. The time you spend creating a simple, easy-to-use, logical, and easy-to-use folder system will be worth it.
The design of logical folder structures for your team can make a decisive difference in your workflow.

Our plans for the future

Some of the features that we plan to implement within the next months:

Upload App

KDMS Upload App

We will create a dedicated upload app that you can send to your licensor or producer to upload their files directly to your storage. You won’t have to wait until they upload the file for you to put it in Cinestash. Instead, they upload it directly into your KDMS Cinestash, convert it to a screener, and download it straight away. Or we deliver a personalized screener directly to your customers.

Automatic Technical Analysis

Automatic Technical Analysis

We are going to offer a cheap and automatic technical analysis of your media files to test them against major standards and common errors. This will reduce rejections and complaints from your clients and customers.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come…

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