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Ship with a click.

  • Looking for 100% secure, reliable, and cost-effective deliveries?

  • Are you still carrying or sending around a lot of material on hard disks?

  • Obligated to contact labs or someone else to deliver your assets?

  • Do you want a delivery service that is faster than all the others?

KDMS Cinestash offers a high-speed, end-to-end encrypted, and high-integrity delivery service with maximum efficiency. Download, upload, and physical deliveries are available just by a few clicks from anywhere to everywhere in the world. The easy and free KDM delivery service maximizes your efficiency.

You have the possibility of delivering your assets to your customers even before the minimum guarantee is paid. After the payment we send them an access key, so they can use the data already delivered.

Download and Delivery

KDMS Cinestash's delivery service is fast, and reliable – regardless of the speed of your internet connection. Our enterprise-grade data center in the Netherlands gives you the bandwidth you need for the fastest possible delivery worldwide with complete access control.
Our access application can also resume aborted or interrupted download attempts, so your clients won't spend more time downloading than necessary.

As a unique option, you can always deliver your assets even before the minimum guarantee has been paid by placing a partial delivery. Your customers can already download their encrypted files via the KDMS Access Tool, but only access it when they receive the personalized decryption key from us. As soon as the customer has paid, we will send it to him. With this unrivaled feature, your customers receive their files minutes after payment, as they no longer need to download the files.

If your customers require you to upload to servers like (S)FTP, Signiant, Aspera, or a custom portal, you just need to initiate a “Custom Delivery” in the KDMS Cinestash Client, and we will upload the files for you – encrypted or unencrypted. To send data on hard disks, DVDs, or Blu-ray ISOs, order a “Physical Shipping” in the KDMS Cinestash Client and the KDMS Cinestash Delivery Service will take care of everything.


When you place an order for your customer or client, the asset password is decrypted, and a personalized decryption key is created and sent to your client. This decryption key is also RSA encrypted. To decode an asset, an attacker needs three components:

❌ the asset from the storage (which is protected against unauthorized downloads)
❌ the decryption application (which is not publicly available)
❌ a personalized decryption key (which we will only send out to the people you want)
Cost & Time-efficient:

You can send out your materials to your customers at any time from anywhere in the world with just a few mouse clicks. It is no longer necessary to contact your materials department or your lab for any delivery. The high level of automation even gives you a high price advantage over your traditional delivery workflow. You are always in full control over your assets while reducing your workload.

A short introduction to the delivery features


Download and Delivery

Cinestash also offers you a simple solution to create the (D)KDM for your encrypted DCPs. Just upload the DKDM of your DCP to your Cinestash, upload your client’s certificate, and set the validity period. That’s all. The best thing is: The KDM creation is completely free. You can have a look here, how easy it is:

A short introduction to the KDM feature

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