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Cinestash offers three different plans for you and your business:

  • The entry level Pay-as-you-go model
  • The advanced subscription plan
  • The enterprise subscription plan

Further enterprise plans with more then 100 TB included storage are available upon request.

Pay-as-you-go Advanced plan Enterprise plan
Free 500 €/MO 850 €/MO
Included storage: not available 50 TB 100 TB
Additional storage: 0.06 €/GB 0.03 €/GB 0.02 €/GB
Georedundant storage: optional: + 0.02 €/GB optional: + 0.02 €/GB
Free upload:

The Lab use is optional.
You can always use any lab.
Just give them access to your Cinestash.
Create MOV, MP4 or MKV screener,
DVD or Blu-ray ISO:
50 €
Batch conversion of many screeners: not available 350 €/job + 10 €/file
Master transcode: 40 €/file + 0.40€/GB
Custom conversion: according to expenditure
Up- and download service: 30 €/Archive + 0.30 €/GB
Quality control report: 40 €/File + 1.50 €/min
Download traffic: 0.30 €/GB 0.20 €/GB 0.10 €/GB
500GB hard disk USB 3.0: 50 €
1TB hard disk USB 3.0: 60 €
1TB CRU hard disk: daily price
Copy of archives to hard disk: 30 €/Archive + 0.20 €/GB
Custom upload of single archives: 30 €/Archive + 0.30 €/GB
Custom upload of many archives: not available 350 €/job + 0.25 €/GB
Shipping and handling to Germany: 25 €
Shipping and handling to European Union: 60 €
Shipping and handling to Rest of the world: daily price
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