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Cinestash offers a simple pricing structure:
You only need to decide if you want to store your data in one or two server locations.
The use of our lab services is completely optional.


Please select in which area you want to store your data. Download speeds are better when your customers are are closer to your selected location.
If you select both location, the data will be automatically mirrored and your customers can download from both locations at the same time.
Please select your preferred storage location(s):
Base price: No montly fixed costs
Included free storage: 1 TBNEW!
Additional storage: 8 €/TB
Upload: Free
Base price: No montly fixed costs
Included free storage: 1 TBNEW!
Additional storage: 18 €/TB
Upload: Free

If you have special storage needs, please contact us.


We offer our clients a USB security token that allows you to download your own files at greatly reduced rates.
Simply plug the token into a free USB port on your computer and downloads in the Cinestash client will be billed as internal traffic.
Downloads from your customers will be billed as external traffic.
External Download traffic: 120 €/TB
Internal Download traffic: 20 €/TB
Custom upload of single archives (e.g. via Aspera, SFTP): 30 €/Archive + 0.30 €/GB
Custom upload of many archives: 350 €/job + 0.10 €/GB
KDM generation for DCPs in the Cinestash: FreeNEW!
500GB hard disk USB 3.0: 50 €
1TB hard disk USB 3.0: 60 €
1TB CRU hard disk: daily price
Copy of archives to hard disk: 30 €/Archive + 0.20 €/GB
Shipping and handling to Germany: 25 €
Shipping and handling to European Union: 60 €
Shipping and handling to Rest of the world: daily price


The use of our lab services is optional. You can always use your existing or preferred lab instead. To use your lab with Cinestash, simply give it access to your data in Cinestash Storage. If you want to use our lab, you can decide if we set up an additional data mirror in Germany. This will speed up processing as we can then immediately access your data.
Please indicate if you require optional lab services:
Optional: Additional storage copy in the Cinestash Labs:
(faster lab turnaround times, extra geo-redundant backup)
20 €/TB
Create MOV, MP4, or MKV screener, DVD, or Blu-ray ISO: 50 €
Batch conversion of many screeners: 350 €/job + 10 €/file
Master transcode: 40 €/file + 0.40 €/GB
Custom conversion: according to expenditure
Up- and download service: 30 €/Archive + 0.30 €/GB
Quality control report: 40 €/File + 1.50 €/min

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If you need more information or assistance, just contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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