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Convert your film, audio and subtitle assets
to nearly every common format.


Easily convert your existing MXF, MPEG or other containers into DCP, MOV, Blu-ray and many other formats. Place an order in the Cinestash Client application, and the conversion will be available faster and more cost-efficient than with any other service.

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Change frame rates, burn in subtitles or order a full quality check of your assets to verify against major standards with this powerful tool.

The process is so easy that even untrained staff without a technical background can create conversion orders fast and with reliable results.

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As soon as a conversion is finished, the converted content shows up in the client application next to the original content, ready for instant delivery to your clients.

If you need a specific format that is not available in the Cinestash app, drop us a line, so we can incorporate it in a future update.

Don’t miss the future of digital media transformation