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  • Is adapting to the customer's format requirements a big effort for your company?

  • Do you want to request lab and delivery tasks in one tool with just a few clicks?

  • Would you like to automate lab tasks to save time and money?

  • Your customers reject materials too often and you want regular QCs?

KDMS Cinestash Lab offers you qualified technical checks, fast conversions, and reliable mastering of your materials. Most of the tasks are automated, so human error is minimized. It even gives you the possibility to work more efficiently with your current lab, too.


Easily convert your existing MXF, MPEG, or other containers into DCP, MOV, Blu-ray, and many other formats.

Place an order in the Cinestash Client application, and the conversion will be available faster and more cost-efficient than with any other service.

As soon as a conversion is finished, the converted content shows up in the client application next to the original content, ready for instant delivery to your clients. If you need a specific format that is not available in the Cinestash app, drop us a line, so we can incorporate it in a future update.

Change frame rates, burn-in subtitles, or order a full quality check of your assets to verify against major standards with this powerful tool.

The Lab service is optional, and of course, you can always work with your current lab. Just give them access to your Cinestash Client.

A short introduction to the Lab section

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