Upload and Ingest

To get your data online, you can use the KDMS Cinestash application to upload your files to our servers.
The upload is completely free. Absolutely no incoming traffic costs apply.

Upload and Ingest

If you don’t have the required internet bandwidth or a lot of data to ingest, we can also upload the data for you. Prepare and encrypt your files with the KDMS Cinestash application and send the hard disks to us. We usually will be able to upload your data within a short time, no matter how much data you send us.

Upload and Ingest
Promotion: The first hard disk that you send to us is free!

We will not charge you for any traffic or work. Find your biggest drive, put as many projects on it as you want, send it to us, and start enjoying the benefits and savings of KDMS Cinestash. We will only charge you for returning the drive in case you need it back.

Of course you can simply upload the files yourself.

If you want to clear your old film storage and put the data online, just send us the tapes, and we will take care of the rest. After capturing and uploading, you can decide if you want your tapes back or if we recycle the media.

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