We are committed to continually develop our tools & services according to our customers' needs.

We are constantly adding new features to our service.
Some of the features that we plan to implement within the next months are:



We will give you the possibility to create a simple shop for each of your films or projects. You can directly offer your clients the archives they are legitimized to have access to. The clients can select the files they need, and we will invoice them for the delivery. You won’t need to hassle with payments for the materials anymore.

Customer First

Your Customers First

In the shop, your customers will be enabled to order material conversions the same way as you can do it now in the KDMS Cinestash application. Your customer may decide at any time to use your master material the way it is or have it optimized for their workflows. This saves you the time it formerly took to discuss delivery formats, order format conversions at your lab and invoice your client for these steps.

Upload App

KDMS Upload App

We will create a dedicated upload app that you can send to your licensor or producer to upload their files directly to your storage. You won’t have to wait until they upload the file for you to put it in Cinestash. Instead, they upload it directly into your KDMS Cinestash, you convert it to a screener, and download it straight away. Or we deliver a personalized screener directly to your customers.

Automatic Technical Analysis

Automatic Technical Analysis

We are going to offer a cheap and automatic technical analysis of your media files to test it against major standards and common errors. This will reduce rejections and complaints from your clients and customers.

These are some of the features we want to implement before version 2.0. But there is much more to come.

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