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Download & Delivery

Whether your client prefers physical shipping or the digital download of assets,
the KDMS Delivery service offers you full flexibility.

Download and Delivery

Once your content is in the KDMS Cinestash, you can deliver it to your customer via:

Internet Download
Custom Upload
DHL or FedEx

KDMS Download

You can download KDMS archives from anywhere in the world with our KDMS Access application.

Our access application ensures that you always get the best download speed from anywhere in the world. It can also resume aborted or interrupted download attempts, so your clients won't spend more time downloading than necessary.

Custome Uploads
Custom Uploads

Some media companies don’t want to download data to their computers. Instead, they prefer you to upload the files to their digital media service or servers like (S)FTP, Signiant or Aspera. To do so, initiate a “Custom Delivery” in the KDMS Cinestash app, and we will upload the files for you – encrypted or unencrypted.

Request phsical shipment
Delivery with DHL or FedEx

To ship data on hard disks, order a “Physical Shipping” in the KDMS Cinestash app. You can decide if the files on the disk should be encrypted or unencrypted. Enter the postal address, and we will take care of the rest. As soon as the package is on its way, you will receive the tracking number from us.

It is even possible to order a delivery of a DVD or Blu-ray ISOs to your clients: we will burn the discs for you, add custom watermarks if required, and send it out via DHL or FedEx during the next business day.

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