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This is the heart of our services. After joining KDMS you will receive the free Cinestash Client.
You can immediately start uploading and managing your content on our servers.

Cinestash Client

Every file you upload is encrypted using the highest security standards. No one can access the content without a valid access key. If you do not want to upload your assets yourself, you can also use our Ingest service. Simply send us your encrypted assets via DHL or FedEx. We will do the upload for you.

Cinestash Client

Your files are stored in two different data centers in the Netherlands and Germany. They are protected against data loss, modification, and unauthorized access.

Sending a file to a customer is easy: open the application, choose the asset you want to deliver, and generate a download link. Your client can then download the encrypted file from one of our servers.

Create download links

You can create a personalized decryption key in the Cinestash Client for the customer, and we will send it to him. The customer can easily extract the archive with the decryption key and an app delivered by KDMS.

This process gives you the possibility to send out your files to your customers even before their payment arrives. It is not possible for them to decrypt the archive without your decryption key.

Download Client

The following workflow gives you a massive speed improvement compared to other file-transfer services like Aspera or Signiant: With KDMS Cinestash, your clients can download the data before a contract is signed or a payment arrives, but can only access it when you allow them to do so.

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